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Why I do what I do...

Posted by Emma Barlow on

I thought I'd take a moment to talk a little more about myself and my life.

I'm a single mother with an art degree and a gorgeous redheaded teenager. I used to have a shop on Etsy and was very happy with the success I had there and making beautiful things when I had some free time. Life got busy, as it tends to do and Etsy no longer suited me. For so long I had wanted my own website but I kept putting it off in pursuit of making life easier first.

One day life got easier and it lead me to a new job. I now work for Shopify - the eCommerce company that builds websites, so there were no more excuses! Except one... my gorgeous redhead became sick. For months he was sick and getting sicker, wasting away to skin and bones. In and out of emergency rooms and sometimes week long hospital stay with zero answers and still a sick kid.

Mother's Day this Spring

After months of this we had a diagnosis of Crohn's Disease and are finally starting to work on recovery and treatments. A relief to have some answers but sadly a long and tough road for us as a team/family. As for my non existent website I decided to be productive while sitting in hospitals and waiting rooms and finally work on getting the site designed and ready. With all of the time off from my wonderful job I knew the potential for extra income would be beneficial for us as a family. I worked hours at his bedside and then would come home and design and photograph new creations. It was wonderful to have a goal to work towards and to keep myself productive.

And so here we are - a launched store, in action! 


What can you expect from DarlingDilemma in the future?

  • Today I'm starting my Grand Opening Sale
  • Up next will be lots of new pieces for the Fall and Winter collections
  • I am hoping to launch my own line of posters based on my artwork (although this is still down the road but I'm excited for it!!).


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