I think it's pretty obvious if you follow me on social media, know me in real life or have even just stumbled on this site, that I <3 swears.

I use them to accentuate my speech. They are key in my form of expression. They are what I give zero of or the exact measurement of my caring. That being said let's dig into this a little more!


So I have actually started to think that swearing is important to girls and woman. There is a seriously empowering feeling in saying 'Fuck'. It's not even that we aren't suppose to but that it goes against the grain. It's traditionally known as so 'un-ladylike' and that just makes me love it 1000% more. I'm so tired of being sushed, quieted, hushed as a woman. Tired of being asked to talk quieter, be quiet or silenced all together. 

Being pissed off at the expected quietness has lead me to a new project and it's all about having a voice.

My last project explored 'giving the finger'. In case you missed it take a look:

give the finger


flip you off

I had my friends text me photos of them giving me the finger and from that I created these awesome creations but also a whole line of products to celebrate the fact that even when someone tries to silence us, we still have a voice.

Check out the entire collection!

Moving forward my next project is exploring our voice further so I'm bringing this to all of you! Over the next two weeks I am taking photos submissions via facebook, instagram and twitter to compile for an even bigger project.


Contest is for females or people who identify as female.

How it works:

  • Take a photo of your mouth (or someone else's mouth with their permission) saying your favourite swear word. You can submit your whole face but for the purpose of the project I will just be using mouths.
  • Tag & Share it! On Instagram and Twitter use @darlingdilemma and Facebook you can share it to our Facebook page or tag us in the photo and post it to your own page. 
  • For each tag on each social media platform you will get 1 ballot.
  • There will be a variety of prizes to be won including: Gift Certificates, Customized clothing & discounts 

An entirely new collection of products will be released based on this project. Contest closes June 29th, 2016 at midnight EST. Photos submitted will be shared on a variety of social media platforms. 

Where you can find us: